Dr. Abdul Sattar Khan

Currently serving as online tutor for diploma and master health programs at an institute affiliated with
University of South Wells, UK and the head of the Family and Community Medicine Department of a
public university's faculty of medicine. I have a medical degree, the postgraduate qualifications and fellowships equivalent to doctoral degrees in “Family Medicine” from the United Kingdom and the
United States, and a Master's degree in “Public Health” too. Besides these qualifications, I have Master
in adult education “Postgraduate Master of Science in Medical Education” from university of Dundee,
UK. I have the experience, knowledge, and skills required to work as family physician, teacher,
researcher and a team leader through collaborative teamwork. So far 90 research articles published

13:30 –13:50

29 DEC Day 1

Rule of Virtual clinic in chronic disease management

20 MIN


31 DEC Day 3

Better utilizations of telehealth services

20 MIN